About Us/Full Transparency

On Consciousness begins as an apparel company for the woke and clever.

Hail Santa: You see Santa Claus as a detrimental representation of obesity and engenders a feeling of blind distrust among children and their parents.  The lie of a magical fat man in a suit providing presents is perpetuated by parents and teachers.  Why not just have parents be honest with their children and let them know that at the end of every year we as a culture celebrate the hard work to keep this society running by spending time away from work and school in order to spend time together?  If you’re good to one another you are rewarded.  If you’re bad you get jack squat.  We have to remember the myths we tell ourselves and our children.

Why do we advertise?

We see advertising as a utility.  Unfortunately as a business, we have to deal with it.  Our hope is to generate enough interest that advertising becomes obsolete.

We hope that you feel as impassioned by the state of things as we do.  That’s why we have to flip it on its head.

Why are clothes expensive/what is screen printing?

As people, we appreciate the honesty in transparency.  We hope you do too, so we’ve outlined the expenses of our clothing and work below.

Artwork takes time to perfect, and then that is the beginning of a long chain of time and money invested.  Our images are high-quality, often multi-colored prints.  We work with the highest quality, independent Portland Oregon print-shops to print our clothing.

Apparel has a high net impact on individuals and society as a whole.  We use American-Made T-shirts, LA Apparel, who pay their workers a living wage.  We chose Independent Trading Co as our sweatshirt producer because of their values as a company of worldwide social responsibility.  Important: There is no affordable option for US made sweatshirts.  Royal apparel makes an Organic option, however this puts our pricing for sweatshirts over $45 retail, and our tee-shirts at $30.  Contact us at erik@onconsciousness.com if you’re interested in purchasing our clothing in organic material.

Cost comes from shirt quality and artwork.  If we run black and white apparel, it will be cheaper on the site.  Our 4-5 colored (black and different shades of grey are all colors too!) shirts cost more, because print shops charge based on the color and the amount of screens (hence, screenprinted clothing) it takes to print.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact erik @ onconsciousness.com