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If the universe began from a single point, such as the Big Bang, then all life as we know it must be interconnected.  As a human being, this means that you are more than a construct of your mother and father, you are also built on the fabric of your mother’s parents and your father’s parents, their parents and so on and so forth until the origin of human life on this planet as we know it.  Crazy right?

Whether you are a creationist or an evolutionist, in either case, I am writing on the development of human psyche.  In some way, we all must stem from the same origin.

As we have developed as a society, various changes have occurred which established a variety of psychological implications that still exist today.  For example, the development of the Western World began as a result of the literal boundaries created by the Atlantic Ocean during the Great Migration from the Fertile Crescent.  Meanwhile, early humans were making their way across Siberia, the Indian sub-continent and for some willing and patient beings, across the Bering Straight and into the North and South American continents.

Now, I am willing to venture a guess that the establishment of territories in the European continent, and a lack of physical movement, lead to some degree of unrest by the people.  While looking at the ocean I imagine those early humans wondered what lies beyond.  It is no wonder that in Freudian analysis, the ocean is viewed as the unconscious.  These early humans must have shaped their curiosity around the how to examine what the ocean could offer, and through a series of observations (wood floats, rocks don’t…SCIENCE!) eventually led to the our modern fascination with all things observable, and the Enlightenment.  Of course, there had to be the Dark Ages, the Early Middle and Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance before there could be an Age of Enlightenment that set the foundation for modern science.

However, it makes me curious as to what drew the other humans to arrive in the Americas?  The constant of human desire is curiosity, imagination.  What lies beyond?  What lies up there?  In the case of early humans, I am fascinated with wondering what their connection to the Earth was like, and what was learned over the course of that migration.  What have we lost because of genocide and warfare of Native Americans? What we still lose as a result of deforestation and industrialization.

This is a construct of European colonialism and the western education system.  That somehow, indigenous cultures and tribes are without history.

This euro-centric way of thinking is an obfuscation of reality.  Stories still exist, rituals still exist and medicines exist.  Things that have been observed for thousands of years are lost.  Now, we are finally at the point of acceptance to where certain plant medicines are being accepted in modern scientific research and ways of thinking.  Meanwhile, tribes in the Amazon basin have been utilizing them for approximately 5000 years, maybe even longer.  The story of Ayahuasca is one of legend, where the early ayahuasqueros cite that the plants spoke to the people.  The combinations were understood on an intuitive level that we, in the overstimulated mind of Western-Society that argues for reason and logic, have forgotten.  Certain senses are dulled, yet meanwhile some writers take the time to develop their keen sense of smell in order to see if they can gain the sense of an animal in the distance.

This website is devoted to the idea of psychic energy and connective patterns.  I believe that we are drawn to certain people, places, things, ideas, due to a series of interconnected patterns that are bound to our intuition.  This lies somewhere in the depth of our personal consciousness.  Due to factors of our environment, such as the physical environment, our family patterns, our epigenetic patterns (of trauma and otherwise) all create who we are and allow us to maintain the same series of patterns that we acknowledge as ourselves.  But, when we recognize them, self-reflect, dissolve our patterns of what we know, than we can truly understand these patterns and therefore we can understand the self.  The self is not what you do outside in the world, those are concepts of identity that we established through things like language and understanding of the world outside of ourselves.  The depth of the psyche is the only true place to discover self-knowledge.  Maybe that is what many of us have been missing.


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