On Crossfit

As a method of fitness and lifestyle, Crossfit is the epitome of Western indulgence and overconsumption.  Do some fake work at 6 am, then go to your office for 8 hours and sit on a Bosu ball.  Real work is on the farm and lasts for 15+ hours a day.  Fake work?  30 minutes of burpees, back squats, L-sits to handstands, double-unders, deadlifting 450 pounds.  Then go sell insurance. Oh, and don’t forget to eat everything in sight for the next 16 hours, so long as it isn’t a carbohydrate.  Keitosis is the key.  Bigger=better.

If you do Crossfit, for health and fitness, great.  Keeping our bodies moving is important for all of us.  It is the excess of Crossfit that is unhealthy both for individuals (read: rhabdomyolysis) and for society.  It detracts for the importance of involvement in societal conversation, politics and the collective.

Think of where that energy could go if everyone who did Crossfit used it to build a railway system connecting all the Crossfit gyms around the country.  We’d have bullet trains in no time!  Our infrastructure is saved!  OR… if all those Crossfitters stood on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter protests, arm in arm in silent protest against police brutality and the use of lethal force…

The ability to decide to pursue Crossfit as a way of life is a condition of white privilege.  The resultant lack of action from the people entertained by this (and sportsball in general…) is why there is not greater collective action to prevent police officers from:

Disproporitionately killing Black Men

abusing their authority

killing leashed dogs with their firearms

And we wonder…

Why don’t cops just carry tasers like they do in the UK?


Why Citizens United maintains its stranglehold on US politics.  Corporate interests do not reflect the will of the people.  How is it that we judge corporations with the same jurisdiction (SCOTUS decision to favor first amendment rights as a corporation) as citizens of the electorate?  Whatever happened to liable and slander?

I was at a bar and the Crossfit Games were on… now this is some ridiculous behavior.  There is a guy next to me cheering them on, drinking a beer!  How lazy and thoughtless do you have to be to enjoy watching people swing cannonballs with a handle (kettlebells) 50 times as fast as possible then climb a rope!  Here, carry this log.  Worst part of it all is that he knew the names of these competitors.

The people who compete are incredible athletes and I take nothing away from their physical ability, drive, mental fortitude and VO2 max.  It’s worth mentioning that they do eat a lot more than mere mortals, in order to expend energy in a useless way… That’s a lot of food.

This behavior bothers me. Russel Crowe shouting, “Are you not entertained?” comes to mind.

There are larger issues at stake at this juncture.  When 95.5% of the Republicans in Congress will not symbolically acknowledge climate change, it won’t matter what your VO2 max is, you are just inhaling more toxic fumes than the rest of us.

And now, Crossfit markets to another country where the maintenance of a system of social inequity is the cultural norm.

Keep thinking, stay woke, break dissonance.

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